Adrienne Lafrance Rhetorical Triangle

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Adrienne Lafrance, in ¨Alphabet, Jigsaw, and the Puzzle of Google’s New Brand,¨ conveys a message that consumers need to take a closer look at companies because are deceiving consumers through branding. The author transmits this message through using the rhetorical triangle, diction, and rhetorical transaction. The rhetorical triangle is the first technique most authors use when writing. Lafrance wrote her article towards a tech-savvy audience and posted it in the technology section of The Atlantic. This will ensure that the correct audience will read her article. It is also important for a tech-savvy audience that all information on technology is up-to-date, which the author successfully executes by only writing her article only two days after Google explained their Jigsaw expansion of Alphabet. Lafrance knew that the tech-savvy audience would demand an article with all of the history put together — with her added opinion.…show more content…
The first sentence even refers to Google’s old mantra as a joke. This shows the reader almost immediately that this article is taking a side on an issue. After quoting Larry Page, one of the Google founders, about how he picked out the name “Alphabet”, the author gives her opinion using figurative language. “That earnestness! Those exclamation points! Classic “don’t be evil” stuff. But there’s more going on here” (Lafrance). She then proceeds to repeat the word “evil” upwards of thirteen times throughout the article. The author does this to remind the reader about her message: to encourage consumers of technology to look beyond branding and dig deeper into a company 's
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