Diving Into The Wreck Analysis

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Adrienne Rich and Audre Londre brought racism as black women participated in the feminist movement so they aimed at protesting their exclusions within their literary works, which have importance of the development of contemporary American literature in terms of racist feminist movement. Adrienne Rich and Audre Londre made turning point for America by handling the most serious problem racism, sexism and class conscious for black women. Generally, feminism provides women to find a place in the society so their writing which addresses all the women are continuously identified with general experience of women. These writers unreluctantly wrote their works at a time when there is no alternative for women to be secondary position. “She is disgusted with her following of faithful feminists and, like a vixen, tries to escape them… “(Langdell,243) In her poem “Diving into the wreck, Adrienne Rich visualizes someone who comes back to solve the problem of women position which becomes getting worse then in her deep memory, she concludes that it was obviusly her family that lead to that damage. Black female writers such as Londre wishfully described the black women’s suffrage in their poetry. They both struggled for changing streotypes in spite…show more content…
Confessional poetry consists of the issues such as death, trauvma, depression and Slyvia who is a well known with his great depression finds out women’s dilemma. In her poem “ Daddy” she consistently alludes her hatred of man by using the name daddy. The poem is so encouraging that the daddy sprang into reader’s mind as Hitler, German, vampir, a tank driver, an evil in short a male figure then it is obvious that she uses heavy metaphors, exclamation in her poem in order to make acquire awareness for the future of
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