Adrienne Rich Storm Warnings Analysis

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Poetry Essay: Storm Warnings “Storm Warnings” the title gives the idea of an approaching amount of extreme energy marching its way across the sky. The evidence is clear of a big storm in anticipated matter. Whenever a storm is forming or is expected to form. There’s a sudden change in the air. It gets more humid, the wind begins to churn and the a beautiful sunny day is smoldered by unanticipated gray clouds. A storm can be unpredictable even if it’s broadcasted to be predicted. The mass and power of storm is emotionless and unstoppable in its environment. In Adrienne Rich’s “Storm Warnings” he poetically uses the reality of a storm to be dramatized as an element which controls the environment at an unstoppable and careless force without any emotions. Rich gives the idea that the storm blankets the land with its presence of immense show of power.…show more content…
The storm condenses itself to affect into the narrator 's house, which is most likely made to weather the storm, “Against the keyhole draught, the insistent whine of weather through the unsealed aperture (lines 24-25).” the pedantic selection of detail gives the tone apparational image, slithering itself in. The “keyhole draught” shows the small space that the storm travels through to let itself in. The power of the storm makes the narrator admit that a strong defense is the only way to stay safe and sheltered in a subtle tone of diction, “this is our soul defense against the season (line 26).” The noun “defense” gives a tone of safe keeping a protection. The narrator makes it sound like its common for storms to frequently come in with a vexed diction, “These are the things we have learned to do who live in troubled regions” (lines 28-29).” The adjective “troubled regions” gives the impression that the region the narrator settles upon is suffering the effects of a region heavily impacted by storms like a region being in between a

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