Adult Swim Analysis

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Adult Swim I believe Adult Swim is a highly inappropriate channel on cable for which any one of any age can access. All of the shows that are aired on this channel are vulgar and insult certain people, it also does not give you warning on the content that you are about to watch or what age group should be watching this, and it is also combining with a children 's network called Cartoon Network. The first reason why Adult Swim is an appropriate channel is because all the shows that are aired on that channel is vulgar and can insult certain people. It is rated having the highest level of explicit language and adult content. It is insulting to people of certain religions. They produce shows that purposely insult certain religions and they also base some shows off different religions. Even the commercials on this channel are insulting and gruesome, so if your kids just happen to be flipping through channels even if it was on a commercial…show more content…
Cartoon Network was meant for children between the age eight to twelve. Kids have access to Cartoon Network because that 's one of the few channels that parents can trust. They have decided to air some of their shows at eight o 'clock at night, right in the middle of prime time. Now parents are going to have to supervise their kids while they are watching television because the one channel they did not have to supervise is airing some of the most explicit and gruesome shows. When the commercials for shows that are premiered on Adult Swim they have adult content that is included and kids are getting the idea that these things are all right to do and say. Adult Swim has also decided to partner up with Disney Channel and Nick at Night, which is also meant for young adults, and they are airing their shows between six and nine at night. Adult Swim decided that if they partnered up with a channel that is friendly towards kids they would get more viewers each
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