Adultery In Laura Esquirel's Like Water For Chocolate

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Nobody wants to start a marriage with the thought of cheating, instead with vows and promises of love. However, males have a 60% chance and females a 50% chance of having another affair during their marriage(Shugerman). The chances of adultery in a marriage is very high, so there has to be a reason right? According to a research study the top five reasons people commit adultery are loneliness, communication barriers, lack of love and affection, a poor sexual relationship, and a lack of intimacy(Young, Doug and Chris Young). Adultery is a serious problem that often leads to bigger problems like divorce.
I think that marriage is an amazing gift that allows two people to show how much they love each other. However, some marriages are not between two people
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Many religions and cultural traditions have arranged marriages, as seen between Rosaura and Pedro in Laura Esquirel's book Like Water for Chocolate. Arranged marriages, like Rosaura and Pedro's, could result in adultery because of the lack of love. The two people getting married may have never known each other or been in a preexisting relationship, which is when most couple's fall in love and decide to take the step to marriage. Pedro already had an existing love with Tita when the marriage was arranged, so Pedro never loved Rosaura resulting in the secret sneaking around with Tita. Similarly in the movie The Titanic Rose is in an arranged marriage by her parents to a rich man, but she loved Jack and he was who she picked for herself. Some people like the emotional connection in marriages and when they feel lonely they could seek the emotional connection with another person. In the book The Great Gatsby Tom is out with other women and at parties leaving Daisy lonely and
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