Adulthood In David Foster Wallace's This Is Water

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Inconsiderate. What do people think about that word being used towards someone? In “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace several strong points are thrown out to the audience, to point out real world situations, how life is as an adult, and what to look forward to after high school, or college. While experiencing his adulthood, he tells stories of his daily activities. When Wallace is at the grocery store he talks about self-centeredness, and how the world does not revolve around one, that he or she has to think about other people too. He also makes another valid point by telling the audience to be conscious of their surroundings, because they never knew what kind of day someone is having. Relating those ideas together are like the fish story he tells in the beginning of his speech. The fish wonder, “What the hell is water?”
Adulthood, something one looks forward to as a child. Wallace tells the readers of his speech that adulthood may not be what one expects. Wallace explains to
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“He gives an example of day-to-day life, including in fine detail of early rising, traffic to work, eight to ten hour work days, stopping for groceries for dinner, bad store lighting, long register lines, a slow drive home, go to bed and do it all over again. Graduates have seen their parents go through this but have never experienced it on their own.” (Hub Pages) That is when Wallace tells them this, to give them a good idea of the real world. He makes a valid point, while explaining to the graduates that he isn’t here to be the wise fish. But he is here to tell them, that he has been the young fish. He knows what these graduates are about to come across, and he is mentally and physically preparing them. Wallace doesn’t want the graduates to just think about their self either, but think about others. It is amazing awful, to do so. That this will help them have a better day, just by doing
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