Adults Behaviors In George Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

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According to author (Jonathan Swift) of "A Modest Proposal" says "the only families that can survive are the upper-class society". Also, the author (George Orwell) on “Shooting an Elephant” says that "No one had the guts to raise a riot". This two author 's speak in a similarly way in the stories. This essay will explore people who have the struggle of doing what is righteous vs wrongdoing, which might impact their lives in the future. In addition, this decision-making is crucial for their personal development. Furthermore it will expose children 's behavior compare to adult too adult 's behavior patterns. I 'm going to write comparing and differentiating these stories in this essay. Such as, how the righteous vs wrongdoing in this essay.…show more content…
Secondly, behavior of children vs. adults it is very difficult to make a comparison because everything depends on the point of view of the person making such a comparison. In my opinion, I mean the behavior of children is an innocent and appropriate to the age they have. However, for these things that happen they do not understand it by their scarce evaluation capacity. In relation to adults behavior is prejudiced by society according to its social, economic, political and educational level. This reacts according to the circumstances that happen to you and makes decisions based on your knowledge of the subject that surrounds you. Seeing that, on one of the stories we see children passing by a dead animal and see it as something natural and does not understand what happened. In the other story we see the desire the eagerness and the need to help another less fortunate who are going through a precarious need. The desire of adults is to improve the social and economic environment and in all aspects that comprise the society in which we live. This is looking for new alternatives to help the neediest and that these do not suffer the cruelty in which they had to live. In my opinion behavior as much as that of children and that of adults even more are related by the need that they spend every

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