Adure Lorde Film Analysis

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The movie I chose to watch was a beautiful film by the name Pariah. This film was written and directed with screenplay by Dee Rees, produced by Spike Lee, with cinematography by Bradford Young and starred multiple actors and actress by the names of Adepero Oduye, Charles, Kim Waynes, Sahra Mellesse, Pernell Walker, and Aasha Davis. The film was released December 28, 2011. Since then it has won multiple awards including Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Independent Motion Picture, Iris Prize, Gotham Independent Film for Breakthrough Director Award, GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Film, and Sundance Film Festival Excellence in Cinematography Award. This film took place in Brooklyn, New York. It told…show more content…
The reading by Adure Lorde, “Poetry is Not a Luxury,” explain relate to Alike’s life. As a black female that identifies with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community she shares a similar experience with that of Adure Lorde. Adure Lorde expresses, “For women, then, poetry is not a luxury. It is a vital necessity of our existence. It forms the quality of the light within which we predicate our hopes and dreams toward survival and change, first made into language, them into idea, then into more tangible action.” As Alike struggled with being able to come out to her family she kept a notebook full of writings that she only shared with her advisor. In the beginning of the film when she read her work to her advisor she told her it was okay, just average. As the film progresses she experiences a lot more hardships and life changing moments that help shape her. She using her writing it express all of her emotions. She expresses her sufferings and fears, while also expressing her new strengths and contentment with life. Her work shows much improvement and leaves her advisor stunned by the growth. It shows the poetry is important for the LGBT community in particular to express what they cannot
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