Advance Care Planning: A Case Study

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Scope This review will focus on the similarities and challenges related to Advance Care Planning (ACP). Introduction ACP is a relatively important topic that aids general public to make a more informed decision regarding their healthcare with a more educated population and the increasing acceptance for patient autonomy, as well the advanced medical technology that increases the average life expectancy as a result. ACP is defined as a continuous process whereby the patient’s wishes regarding medical treatments and end-of-life care are clearly discussed and documented down to be used should the individual become incapacitated in decision-making (Ng, 2009). The topic of ACP has not been widely accepted and practiced locally compared to westernized…show more content…
If not, it is the misconception that end-of-life care is only done near the stage of death (Ng, 2009). Religious beliefs play a significant part in influencing the ACP decision-making process. Asian culture in particular deemed it as a taboo topic and should never be raised, as it is rude. Surprising, majority will choose acute hospital care over a hospice that is more economical and effective in the long term. In contrast with their built-in misconception, hospice provides enhanced intensity and quality of care than a hospital. Rather than insisting in futile acute treatments, shifting the focus towards improving end-of-life care and well-being would be the best alternative. In other words, Koh (2011) suggests to grant the patients a peaceful death or to “die in place” (pg. 32). Conclusion To conclude, more studies should be researched in the local context. Being more knowledgeable, adopting a positive attitude towards ACP and frequent communication between relevant parties is the key to improving end-of-life treatments and satisfaction of care. Less distress and emotional discomfort can be experienced by arranging early ACP plans and appointing a trustworthy person as the healthcare proxy. If healthcare providers approach the matter delicately, elderly would open up and discuss so long as a level of trust is
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