Role Of Ethics In Nursing

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Introduction Advance practice nurses are role are listed in literature and on the job but the truth is that it does not fall into a perfect world and everything goes as what is on paper. The job description and literature are guidelines for which advance nurses should try and follow the best way they can, but there are many circumstances that do not fall just as the book mention it would. People are not robot so you never can tell how exactly a patient is going to react. However, guidelines are there for a reason. They fall into play and gives directions that help advance nurses to stay in- line with standards and policy of the organization. The observed role gives us an idea what really happen on the job verses what the job description says.…show more content…
With the ideal and observed role, ethics is defined and expected on the job. Employees are given policy and standard to follow. It affects the quality of patient care. In contrast, ethics on the job and dealing with employees to comply with organizational policy can be time consuming. There employees who thinks they should have their cell phone out while doing patient care and those who stick around an extra seven minutes to get paid for fifteen minutes. The ethics that is mentioned in literature has not solution as to how to deal with employees of such nature. Nursing leaders is left to create a plan that he or she think will help employees comply. Affordable Healthcare Act With affordable care act, more people are insured which increase the demand for nursing care nationwide. Advance practice nurses’ roles are expected to expand so that patient care delivery can be improve especially in rural areas. There is also an increasing nursing shortage in healthcare facilities. More health care centers equal high demand for healthcare professionals. In the observed role, it is similar to ideal role but not attainable without proper staffing. Nurse shortage affect quality, outcome, risk
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