Advance Practice Nursing

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Introduction Advance practice nurses are role are listed in literature and on the job but the truth is that it does not fall into a perfect world and everything goes as what is on paper. The job description and literature are guidelines for which advance nurses should try and follow the best way they can, but there are many circumstances that do not fall just as the book mention it would. People are not robot so you never can tell how exactly a patient is going to react. However, guidelines are there for a reason. They fall into play and gives directions that help advance nurses to stay in- line with standards and policy of the organization. The observed role gives us an idea what really happen on the job verses what the job description says.…show more content…
Nurses are taught to care for the whole person. As nurse leaders increase in knowledge, they see nursing theory being applied in many different healthcare settings where patient needs are being met. The APN use sanitation theory along many other theorists like Henderson and meeting basic patient needs. Nurses oftentimes uses Self-Care Deficit developed by Dorothea Orem. Advance practice nurses also use nursing assessment, diagnosing, intervention and evaluation. Advance practice nurses are expected to use evidence-base theory.
In comparison, the ideal and observed role of advance practice nurses used evidence-base theory by creating patient satisfaction survey to evaluate outcome. They use infection control and fall report to put in place interventions that they believe will improve patient care. Both roles believe that evidence base theory does work if applied
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The ideal role show that literature learnt serve as a guideline as to how to handle some situations on the job but not all because people are unpredictable at times. They can choose to comply or non-comply with their healthcare provider. Employees are people therefore they also sometimes do not adhere to the organization rule and guidelines. Those circumstances, the advance nurse is left to create ways to solve the issues and get desired outcome. The observed role shows and confirm that organization listed what they expected from the director not how to get the desired outcome that they are looking for. The roles listed is hard to achieve when the director has short staff and limited resources. The organization is a system and its interrelated. When a significant area is not functioning properly, it affects the whole system. The nursing director are not able to accomplish certain task without proper nursing staff. The role is set up to fail because of limited

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