Ancient Cities Of Ancient Egypt: An Ancient Civilization

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Advanced Cities

Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization in northern Africa and it had advanced cities because there were many people, good architecture, palaces, social classes, and the north and south areas. There were many people in the city because there were slaves and people who had good jobs. Some of the good architecture was the palaces, the houses, and the pyramids, which had the best architecture of all of ancient Egypt because of all of the maze-like paths inside and the identical paths that are really traps. The social classes are slaves, peasants, craftsmen, merchants, soldiers, scribes, priests, and pharaohs.

Specialized Workers

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The government was set up in a way where the main ruler was called a pharaoh and underneath him were his/her sons and/or daughters and underneath them were the priests. The priests convinced the citizens to believe in a polytheistic religion that had about 2000 gods/goddesses. Ra was one of the main gods with Osiris. Ra was the god of the sun while Osiris was the god of the underworld. Ra was represented as a human with a falcon head while Osiris was represented as a human with turquoise skin. Some artifacts that represent religion were, the obelisk (made by Cleopatra) and the …show more content…

Papyrus is made from the triangular stalk. First, they cut the stalk into long strips. The strips were laid out in two layers, one horizontal, and one vertical. After that, they were pressed and dried to make one papyrus sheet. Ink is made from colored minerals that have been turned into powder and liquid has been added. The main type of medicine was magic… the physical versions of the medicine such as herbs are only supposed to relieve or subdue pain while there are many charms for the actual healing process. Most of the makeup was focused on the eyeliner or Kohl. Some other types of makeup are wax bulges, wigs, green eye paint, and castor oil. The wax bulges were to make women and men smell better, the green eye paint was to ward off infections, and the castor oil was to subdue wrinkles. The toothpaste was made from rock salt, mint, dried iris flowers, and

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