Advanced Practice Nursing Differences

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Differences between the Basic and Advanced Practice Nursing in Difference Correctional Facilities and Those outside Correctional Facilities
As I try to establish some differences between the basic and advanced nursing practice in different correctional facilities and those outside of the correctional facilities, it has been found that some of differentiate standards exist between the basic and the advanced nursing practice in the correctional facilities and also outside of the correctional facilities ( Clark C. ,2010). This slight difference exists because it requires difference standards of care for the prisoners in the correctional facilities. Those prisoners are entitle to receive either the basic nursing care or advanced nursing practice of the standards of care (Clark, C., 2010).
The basic nursing practice primarily involves the provision of care to the individuals and families. However, the advanced nurse, on the other hand, can carry the responsibilities of all of the basic nurse does and also engage in certain formulation such as: anticipate in the development of policy, implementation and evaluation of programs of care for patient groups and the practice of the community health nursing. The
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It’s against the constitutional right to deny any particular care to the inmates who are sick while in jail. If the inmates become very ill and needs open heart surgery or any heart transplants, they deserve to receive medical care regardless of what facility they are. I must advocate for the process of caring for the inmates until the end of life. I should first check the advance directives for the patient. If the patient become worse, these patients should be sent to the hospice institutions where the palliative care can be provided to the patients (Clark, C., 2010,
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