What Is The Truth In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, we are taken many years into the future with advanced technology in many fields. Montag, the main character, is struggling to be the firefighter he is supposed to be, one that burns. His wife, Mildred, in consumed by the technology based and programmed society they live in. Montag meets a young girl on the street by the name of Clarisse, with ideas that are very advanced. With these ideas she plants a seed of curiosity and thinking. Montag then meets an English professor by the name of Faber who helps that seed grow. Beatty, the fire captain, helps with the growing process as well but he effects it in a negative way. So the question is, what is the truth of this society? Truth is an accordance with fact or…show more content…
Seashells were headphones and we have those today. They used sleeping pills, which we have, that Mildred tired to overdose on them, but they had a machine to have her come back to life. Today, we have smart houses, but they are only owned by extremely wealthy people. This society also has fingerprint and facial recognition and again only the wealthy has the advanced kind. But we have learned that technology does not help, but hinders. It pulls the family apart and makes Mildred want to die if she does not have it. Montag comes in contact the the firehouse Hound. It eats chemicals and is programmed to do certain things. Montag does not really realize that it is out to get him, he just knows he does not like it and they should fix it. But he is only feeling this way because he has books and feels guilty, but he is taking his guilt by storm. Mildred is very attached to her ‘family’ in the wall. When she is mad or irritated with Montag she goes and talks to her ‘family’ because they make her feel better. But she is just programmed to think that because in reality it does not. The ‘family’ is programmed to make her feel good about herself. This technology fills there time. It replaces the actual learning with fake learning. No one has time to digest what they are taking in. It comes in and does not do anything beneficial for them. Some of the wives’ men are in the war, and the are not even worried. Why? They have the technology as a filler. And this filler has affected them so much they don’t take care of their kids and they think of them in an annoying way. This is all programming and what the so called government thinks is
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