Advanced Writing Weaknesses

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Many teengers in high school had already taken the ACTs or plan to take it in the near future. However, I haven’t taken the ACTs. I am currently trying to extend my vocabulary, and figure out what other standards that I should focus on and improve to get the best score I can possibly get before taking the ACT. The best way that I can think of to figure out what I need for improvements is by taking an Advanced Writing class. The Advanced Writing class will help me with anything necessary that I need help with and it’ll keep me on the right track to shoot my best score on the ACTs. Unlike any other classes, this class will benefit any person outside in the real world. Although, I haven’t taken the ACTs to receive the score that would’ve helped me improve in the future, or show where I am at, I don’t have to take it to know my strengths or weaknesses in English and Writing. One of the three strengths I have in Writing is focusing on the topic that I find interesting. I ensure to include what is important in my paper, and other details that are necessary for the readers to easily understand of the point of…show more content…
One out of the three weaknesses is organizing ideas. Whenever I am caught up in the moment, I tend to lose track of organization in Writing. The second weakness is not being specific about my topic enough for the readers to understand what my paper is mostly about. My third and final weakness in English is punctuation. Every time I type or write, I tend to miss out most of the punctuation in my paper. But however, I would love to learn from my weaknesses and turn them into my strengths. In conclusion, taking Advanced Writing class will help me improve the areas of my strengths and weaknesses that I need to focus on. I would like to receive a score above the twenties on the ACT, which is the national average. By being above the average, more of the colleges are most likely to accept me as their
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