Advancement In Computer Science

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Standing at the turn of the new century, we observe the twentieth century as a great advancement in computer and technology. This advancement has greatly improved people’s living condition, making our life more convenient, more comfortable and more efficient, and I would like to be an integral part of such progress. In this modern world computer and technology affect every field including medicines, energy, space research, robotics, entertainment, communication, transportation and much more. Of all the prominent professions, CS is perhaps the only field that has such wide-ranging impact. CS knowledge creates such an incredible sense of knowing what’s going on with regard to the technology products around us, how technology works, how software…show more content…
I am awed by the power of CS, for I could actually create programs that are beneficial for people. To me there is nothing more exhilarating and satiating than solving a problem and getting to see that the solution you created will actually be able to solve that problem for a wide variety of people. I believe that if I develop my skills, I could potentially impact the lives of many people.
Computer Science opens doors to many interesting, creative, financially rewarding, and fulfilling career opportunities and is one of the reasons from my decision to study computer science. I appreciate doing investigative and innovative work, especially when it leads to pragmatic applications. As companies become more global and continue to advance technologically there is an increasing demand for skilled computing professionals and executives to solve complex and challenging problems.
In comparison with other countries my country has no continues and sophisticated changes in the field of technology which are necessary for tremendous progress of the country. To make a positive difference in my country I need a strong foundation which can only be possible with the finest education in world and this is the only reason I wanted to earn a bachelor degree in USA, where quality of education is
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I believe the undergraduate program of computer science in your university adequately prepares me for the workforce in a more holistic way than simply conveying technical facts. The general college experience and undergraduate program will enhance my skills of problem solving, teamwork, communication, time management and upgrade my personal attributes such as collegiality, work ethic, identification of opportunity, and appreciation for diversity which are prominent for promoting successful professional practice in a chosen field as well as variety of career paths. I look forward to the opportunity to pursue an Undergraduate Degree in your reputed university with decent
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