Advancement In Sport Essay

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Since the beginning of time, technology has continued to improve starting with stone tools, eventually making its way to hoverboards and many other cool inventions! Sports have also changed since their beginning. For example, basketball used to have no dribbling, now it does, and new rules have been implemented in all sports. As time passes, sports will continue to change: changing time limits, adding new rules and whatever has to be done for the respective sport to be the best it can be. Advancements in technology, has helped improve sports with game saving calls in the midst of a meaningful or heated game, and has expanded the market for sports with television and internet and online fantasy sports. Referees in the NFL have used Instant Replays for years, starting in 1986 through 1991. However, due to the amount of time added to the game, the NFL decided to abandon the Instant Replay, but would eventually use it again starting in 1999 due to many blown calls during games. Almost every professional sports league now uses Instant Replay and it…show more content…
Advancements in technology, help make sports better by adding Instant Replay to help the referees, opening up markets with televisions and other technology, and fantasy sports. Many close heated games, have been decided by modern technology. Almost all of the time, the correct call is made after the referees discuss and review the replay, which they have handy every second of the game. Also, with today’s easy use of technology, smaller markets can advertise and attract more people to join their team or support it and attend the game. Finally, online fantasy sports, bring in money to leagues on a daily basis because of their attraction to people with little knowledge about the sport. Technology will continue to improve as we move into the future, and as new technology develops, sports will adapt and use it to help the sport be as good as it can

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