Advances In Medieval Warfare

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Medieval advances in warfare materials, and everyday inventions helped medieval people live a better life than the people before them. The lives of these people were impacted by all the inventions, and the warriors lives were changed by all the weapons and armor. This will demonstrate how the weapons and armor helped the warrior’s lives, what the weapons and armor were made of, and how the inventions changed the lives of normal citizens. All of these lives being impacted was due to all the great advances in the uses of the new inventions and weapons/armor. Most of these advancements were made to help the people in their everyday lives. Many jobs were created from all the inventions and new advances, and it created many new jobs…show more content…
This article shows all the different types of weapons and how they were used. It shows what the weapons were made of and how they were used. The article shows plenty of different variants of the weapons and has pictures next to all the sections, for reference when reading, to know what they looked like. The end of the article shows all the different weapons, and people using the weapons, with plenty of pictures and references. James McDonald is a non-fiction writer/mathematician, who writes on many different topics including Medieval Warfare and Medieval Inquisition. James McDonald studied at Oxford University, and also graduated from Sussex University in the UK. James McDonald travels a lot and as a writer this helps him get more information on the topic he’s researching because he can go directly to its origin and learn about it hands on. James McDonald has published a book too, Beyond Belief, which publishers say took him over 20 years of research. McDonald, J. (2010). Medieval Warfare. Castles and Manor Houses. Web: Medieval Armor Annotated Bibliography…show more content…
Medieval armor was first started in around 500BC, which was made of mail, or chainmail, and made of interlocking iron rings, which were welded or riveted shut. Throughout the history the armor has had additions and upgrades, to protect the vulnerable areas of the person. The armor was made of different types of material from leather to iron, different types of material were used in different time periods. The armor advanced throughout history too, more and more people were making stronger armor, and made of better
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