Advancing Technology: The Application Of Technology In Education

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Introduction I choose this topic because technology is everywhere in our life, people use it every day and every time, for examples phones, computers, lights, televisions, air-conditionals, refrigerators, etc. Up to now, humans are still inventing new technologies to benefit our life, but even through it is beneficial, there are still many disadvantages which is harmful to us and to the environment. So is the advancing technology a big benefit to us? Or is it a threat to the human kind?

Global Perspective
“Being in the 21st century, we’re in the technology age,” said Tennant, principal at Glacial Drumlin School. “For students, it comes pretty natural to them. Our role is to show them the application of the technology to education.” In US, many schools had put technologies into the lesson to help learning much easier. Advancing technology was thought to be a tool which can make students think more critically and make student teacher interaction much easier.
Laptops are one of the technologies which schools use it to help the education easier, so many schools in US allow students to bring it to school. The laptop can boost productivity, make research much easier, make taking note faster and make learning much interactive. But due to experiment, we found out that laptop a very big distraction which will affect your grade. In the experiments, all the participants have to attend a university level lecture and take note with laptop, but half of them were asked to do an
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