Servant Leadership Case Study

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There are different types of leadership that can be applied in different companies environments. Each different type of leadership theories is focused on concepts that help to develop the teamwork abilities and achieve various objectives. One of these theories is called servant leadership, created in 1977 to represent the leader not only as an image of the person that delegates the tasks, also as a role player that share the interest of the common objectives (Taylor, Pearse & Louw, 2013).
The most important part of the servant leadership concept is the empowerment in service that implicates to delegate to different tasks the team players. The mix of the leadership with the service makes an emphatic application of them with all the people that
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Christopher J. Nassetta, who was interviewed by Blackstone Group about Hilton leadership development, said that his first year working with the most senior member of the Hilton organization was a very though one with a lot of hours of overtime and working days. His purpose was to develop more trust working relationships in the company. In his point of view he wants to have one family of brands and a combined vision for the future success. One thing that Mr. Nassetta does not want to change in Hilton is its basic leadership business model, which had been successful throughout all this time (O’Connor,…show more content…
Matt Schuiler, the Chief Human Resources Officer of the company expressed that the application of this platform will improve the leadership skills of the staff that will be reflected in the quality of the service that Hilton Worldwide gives to its guests and the experience that they take from it (Harvard business, 2012).

For the success of every company there are different critical aspect that should be take in care. The one analyzed in the actual paper is the leadership and the management training that companies apply to create new leaders inside their collaborators.
All in all, the leadership of the head of each department is crucial to develop the teamwork inside one department or the whole company. This leadership should not only be an skill that will develop in managers or directors, also each member of the team should understand how as an individual piece of the complete process will contribute applying the leadership skill.
Can be concluded that the management training is one of the most useful tools to improve the knowledge and skills of all the collaborators inside the companies, being one the most important the leadership, knowing as the way to guide each member of the teamwork and how to make that everyone progress looking for achieve the general
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