Advant Leadership Case Study

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There are different types of leadership that can be applied in different companies environments. Each different type of leadership theories is focused on concepts that help to develop the teamwork abilities and achieve various objectives. One of these theories is called servant leadership, created in 1977 to represent the leader not only as an image of the person that delegates the tasks, also as a role player that share the interest of the common objectives (Taylor, Pearse & Louw, 2013).
The most important part of the servant leadership concept is the empowerment in service that implicates to delegate to different tasks the team players. The mix of the leadership with the service makes an emphatic application of them with all the people that
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Especially in a hospitality companies, managers have to take the lead to motivate, make changes and undertake many decisions everyday. Leaders give guidelines for employees to think differently, things that would make the business grow as a team (Bennett, 2009).
According to Dr. William Marston’s leadership theory, who originated the DiSC personality profile model, explains this standard as a useful guide to become more aware, to more readily accept and adapt to others’ styles. DiSC divides behavior into 4 main dimensions: dominance, influencing, steadiness and compliance. Dominance is very straightforward in dealing with challenges and has little patience for details. Influencers are outgoing, persuasive and influence others through talking. They tend to be emotional, compliant people adhere to rules, regulations and structure. They appreciate quality and doing things right. Steady people like to be known and work at a steady pace; they do not like sudden changes or ambiguity. Every leader has a unique style that can be understand as a mix of this 4 dimensions, being not a best mix of them, just depending in which environment the leader was being developing.
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The platform helps to continue growing and the learning to he leaders of the hotel company, giving them counseling and access to the resources any time and the opportunity to be connected by any device in any place (Harvard business, 2012).
The relation created by Hilton Worldwide and Harvard Business is one of the strategies that they are taking to develop the company and to create a culture of leadership excellence in the industry. Matt Schuiler, the Chief Human Resources Officer of the company expressed that the application of this platform will improve the leadership skills of the staff that will be reflected in the quality of the service that Hilton Worldwide gives to its guests and the experience that they take from it (Harvard business,

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