Advantage And Disadvantage Of Arranged Marriage

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Name: Mohammad Hussian Behzad
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Class: English 115

Many cultures around the world favor arranged marriages whereby families have a lot of influences on who will/can marry who. However, in other cultures individuals who wish to get married are much freer to choose the person they wish to marry.
Which system do you think is best?
Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, by which the parties reciprocally engage to live with each other in the relationship of husband and wife for the purpose of maintaining a family. This new relationship changes the legal status of both parties and establishes husband and wife new rights and obligations. In different cultures different customs and traditions are followed in marriage. In Afghan society, marriages are organized by parents of bride and the groom and they are the ones who choose spouse for their children. In western counties, marriage based in love is more acceptable and individuals themselves take their decisions and choose who they want to marry. Although the modern generation prefer love marriage, there are some reasons that arranged marriage yields positive results.
Opponents of arranged marriage claim that couple in arranged marriages are usually like strangers to each other and have different personalities. However, they completely ignore the fact that arranged marriages are usually kinship marriage which both sides know each other well. Arranged marriage are usually organized by parents and they are more
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