Advantage And Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy

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The term "bureaucracy" has been widely used connotation offensive against the government and enterprises. Bureaucracy is aimed through the systematic coordination of the work of many people, in order to achieve a large-scale administrative system management tasks (Chand, 2015). Bureaucratic organization management literature rendering most important point. The form is unable to cope with external changes and provide what is essentially meaningful assignments colleagues. It is such a negative image of the bureaucracy is largely taken for granted and only in occasional support by empirical evidence. One of the standing debates in organization theory and management studies is whether the bureaucratic form of organization on behalf of a certain…show more content…
Employees are not attributable to the organization's development. Over reliance on rules and regulations, and to comply with these policies, inhibit the enthusiasm of employees and growth. They are regarded as a machine, not an individual. Employees become get to use the system that they refuse to change and introduce new technologies into their operations (Chand, 2015). Bureaucracy can interfere with the results of the time. Critics believe that the task along with some of the steps needed and it need to follow a chain of command, it wasted a lot of time especially if the decisions and results are necessary. Moreover, bureaucracy lack of operability. This structure prevents the company's rapid mobility. Change some program must pass the assessment and chain commands before obtaining approval. In a stable environment, this rigidity is not really a problem, but in the case of instability, cannot quickly change, can bring real problem. Logging companies cannot suddenly competitive threat. Bureaucracy also can result to be inefficiency. In the bureaucracy, due to the advantages and qualifications hiring and promotion on the basis of competition is not so competitive. Furthermore, once a civil servant was appointed, he or she has a fixed salary, they working in specialized tasks but not in areas other than his or her field belongs. Some people think that this is futile because it enables the shortcomings of civil servants in a
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