Advantage And Disadvantage Of English Language Essay

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying English language. Nowadays, in this globalize world, it is important for every individual to learn and to communicate in different languages to succeed within any society. That is why people from every country are interested in learning a second or foreign language. Many people everywhere use languages as a resource to educate their selves because there are some advantages when we learn to speak two or more different languages. There is many advantages, but also it can present some disadvantages. For Example, people mix their languages temporarily; at school age we will face an added academic load such as: reading and writing which will require additional effort from the parents who at some point should learn the language, too. The ability to speak in…show more content…
According to Uriel Weinreich (1968), one of the "fathers" of bilingual studies and a bilingual himself, in his renowned book Languages in Contact he writes "The practice of alternately using two languages will be called bilingualism and the person involved, bilingual". Advantages: There are some advantages that bilingual people have when they learn English as a foreign or second language. A remarkable advantage is that bilingualism let the people focus their attention on the relevant variables in the context, particularly information that is ambiguous or contradictory. Increased cognitive abilities may help to develop the necessary skills that are thought to be involved in effective communication. For example, knowing two words that name the same concept like:” nice and great” could help a person to develop the understanding that an object or event can be represented in more than one way, which could support as to understanding of other people’s

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