Advantage And Disadvantage Of Homeschooling

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The topic of this essay is about homeschooling. Home-schooling might seem as establishing a miniature school at home, but it is much more than that. There are some parents who are unwilling or unable to allow their children to accept the education in school. And it can be as a way of helping children which have special needs to learn under specific circumstances. Nowadays, homeschooling is accepted by more and more people as a personalized education method, however, there still have issues on it. The following text introduces the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling and there are some my personal views and advice. I believe that you will have a rough idea about it after reading this essay. I. Introduction: Beside going to school,…show more content…
Public school is probably the most common route that parents let their children take in educating, however, more and more parents are tending to homeschooling as an alternative to public school Because of dissatisfaction with the educational system and different educational concepts. In many countries, there are some schools which believe in religious such as Christianity and Muslim. There also are some families which do not believe any religious. They could choose to homeschooling to avoid their children been tough the religious…show more content…
It could help parents teach their children easily and efficiently and parents could find the most appropriate way for the child. Child could be get enough attention to make them improve. It has a lot of advantages but that doesn't mean it fits every child or family. Parents need to consider their own conditions to decide whether to home school or not. As an example, the previous generation has generally lower level in somewhere in China, so that’s maybe difficult about teach their children at home. But for some families which in China, home school will be a good method to teach child. Because in many cities in China, there are more than 60 students in a common class of primary school and middle school. Teacher cannot take care of everyone, but home-school could give child enough attention. Parents should decide which kind of education method according to the specific situation. The most suitable method is the best

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