Advantage And Disadvantage Of Hospital

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In Malaysia, hospital constitutes is a very important part in the service sector. It plays an important role in the health care system. Over the years, hospitals have become increasingly successful in deploying medical and technical innovations to deliver more effective clinical treatment. Unfortunately, there are some problems that still occurring during the process of treatment at the hospital that make the customer (patient) have lack of satisfaction. For an example, the system that been used is not efficient and having long waiting time during get the treatment. Long waiting time is actually cause by too many of unnecessary process for a patient to undergo during the treatment. The process exactly including queuing when patient arrive,…show more content…
Construction of the hospital is in line with the government’s objective making Malaysia a developed nation through Vision 2020 and Malaysia Ministry Vision. To achieve the goals, the hospital is designed and equipped with sophisticated world class equipment. This modern electronic hospital provides 15 secondary of services and 2 tertiary services in addition to other support services, with priority for the ‘day care’ services to more than 700,000 people in 8 areas in the district of Johor Bahru and the surrounding areas. Hospital Sultan Ismail also becomes a National Reference Centre (Pusat Rujukan Kebangsaan) to the ‘tertiary case’ services that been provided. The hospital with an area of 50 acres has a 6-storey clinical block,10-storey ward blocks and residential…show more content…
How to get the information about the whole process? 2. What are the type of waste that occur in each process from patient’s registration until patient back home? Objective 2: To eliminate the MUDA that exist in Medical Department (HSI) 1. Which type of waste that can be eliminating from the process? 1.7 Significance Of Study This research will contribute to both of hospital practice and academic knowledge in lean healthcare field. In the practical term, this research is very useful for understanding the inefficiencies and also will have an opportunity for finding improvement for the Ward 3B in Internal Medicine Department. This study will give impact to other units in the hospital to have a benchmark for their own unit improvement. In another term, it is more likely to help to eliminate waste that occur in each process and provide more efficiency services that can meet patients satisfaction during having treatment in the hospital. 1.8 Limitation Of Study This study was confine to the Ward 3B that located in Internal Medicine Department unit at Hospital Sultan Ismail. This ward is consist of mixed gender and it is kind of quite passive ward. This implies in choosing the case study related to the topic and may be limited in term

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