Advantage And Disadvantage Of Information Technology

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Information and communication technology is at its big hype. Data is growing. Digital data is growing as technology is progressing and is becoming more accessible. People’s interest is shifting towards digitalized systems. To meet people’s demand and operate businesses, enterprises are going digital. This whole process of enterprises using digital technology to reshape their business model and satisfy consumer’s ever growing love for digital technology is digitalization.

Digitalization intendeds the transformation process of a company which strives to become a digital business in order to survive at the rapidly changing global market. This revolution has been made possible by the development and the improvement of advanced Information Systems (IS), which have allowed not only to increase company 's revenues but also to shift to a service-based business model, in opposition to an outmoded product-based business model.

Advantages of digitalization

Digitalization brings numerous advantages to companies, affecting both the operative and the strategic segments of a company. For the former, it helps to improve, accelerate, automate and ease business functions, processes and organization workflows. For the latter, it strives to develop new business models and to extend their offerings, while giving access to new markets and removing geographical limits.[2]
All the previous cited improvements are made possible thanks to the adoption and the integration of digital technologies.

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