Advantage And Disadvantage Of Oligopoly

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Oligopoly is a market structure, which a small number of firms and has the large majority of market share ("Oligopoly Definition | Investopedia," n.d.). Those small number of firms, more than two however less than ten, are dominated an industry. This oligopoly market tend to produces either i) Homogeneous product; ii) Heterogeneous product. The firms, which produce the homogeneous product are called as Perfect Oligopoly, meanwhile the heterogeneous firms production are called as Imperfect Oligopoly. Thus, there are five types of its markets, such as few sellers, interdependence, advertising, competition, entry and exit barriers. Moreover, the author believes that this type of market, oligopoly, can develop country domestic market. It may occurs some obstacles to its domestic market, however the government have thought to prevent those obstacles. In this paper, the author would like to limit the discussion into Indonesia, which in Indonesia has oligopoly market that the author might think can develop its domestic market.…show more content…
Those advantages are high profits, simple choices, competitive prices, and better information and

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