Customer Service Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Nowadays, there are a lot of websites or apps such as Zalora, Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, TGV, Trivago so on that enables us to purchase domestic or foreign goods and services. This situation make many banks have integrated advanced information technology systems to improve on their customer service. Finally, it is very easy to withdraw money using a Credit card and Debit card, we can even register an online banking account and key in all the bank information and directly transfer money when necessary and then the merchant will deliver the item to the address provided.
Saves time Previously, when we entry in a shopping mall, there is a worker who responsible in recording the time when we entry. When we exit from the parking, the worker needs to record again the time when we
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For example, a bakery uses automated temperature sensors to detect any decrease or increase in room temperature in a bakery. These sensors will send information directly to the operator and this result into quality products.
Improves communication and costumer relationship
With the help of communication technology tools like phones, video conferencing, electronic mail, employees can easily transfer information across departments efficiently and effectively. It also can improve costumer’s relationship. For example, a company can use internet to inform their customers about great deals and discounts, this makes customers feel respected and it can drive their desire to buy.
Improves data storage
Information and data are very important for every one of us in daily live, so it is very essential to store them safely and also access them at any time of need. With Dropbox, iCloud, Goodle Drive and others, they enable us to store and backup data. We can save documents, photos, music and even contact in the storage and review them in any devices as long as we log in the same account.
Improved social

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