P2P Network Analysis

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Conventionally, all the services accessible on the network are provided by central server. Apart from client server model there is another network called peer to peer (P2P) network which provides services among peers in such a manner that each peer is both a client and server.
P2P system is an arrangement of personal computers, in which each computer can be represented as a client as well as a server. Then they can give and take files and emails right away with every other computer on the network. P2P networks are inexpensive when compared with client server networks. Self-organization, symmetric communication and distributed control are the three features showcased by P2P system. The P2P network is self organized in a sense
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When he has accomplished this, he can then separate the system in different subnetworks. In this way, if a node needs to speak with a node from the other subnetwork, his message must at one point be directed through one of the aggressor's nodes. The assailant accordingly "eclipses" every subnetwork from the other. Eclipse attacks are high-scale man-in-the-middle attacks. An Eclipse attack can be the continuation of a Sybil attack. For this situation, the attacker will attempt to place his nodes on the vital steering ways. In the event that an aggressor deals with an Eclipse attack (it is not a simple attack), can attack the system in an a great deal more efficient way.
• He can assault the control plane by inefficiently rerouting each one message.
• He can choose to drop all messages he gets, in this manner totally dividing both subnetworks.
• He can assault the information plane by infusing contaminated files or asking for dirtied files for a guiltless nodes and trusting, these files are reserved or replicated along the way.
Given the security issues with P2p systems portrayed above, here four methodologies are talked about for securing P2p systems.
1. Onion Routing for Anonymous P2P system
2. Combating Content Poisoning in P2P
3. Detecting botnets utilizing Peer Shark
4. Stegtorrent: Steganographic strategy for P2P files

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