Using Sustainable Energy Sources

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The provision of sustainable energy can be achieved using renewable energy sources due to the fact that renewable energy sources are unlimited. Furthermore renewable energy sources are naturally replenished on a human time scale. This report will comprise of a brief overview of renewable energy sources, namely solar, hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy and a further detailed report on the use, availability, utilisation and provision of wind as a renewable energy source. Lastly the various advantages and disadvantages of such a resource will be examined.

1. Introduction
Currently, the global need for energy is far surpassing the capacity of the world to produce enough energy to meet such needs, even with the use of our current source
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Moreover the impact of wind energy on the generation of electricity will be explored in further detail. A brief overview will be given of the development of wind energy, subsequently the use of wind turbines as a means of generating electricity will be discussed together with the advantages and disadvantages of generating electricity using wind turbines.

2. Overview of renewable energy sources
Renewable energy sources are utilised to provide energy, predominantly in the form of electricity and heat. These sources are unlimited, namely wind, sun, natural underground heat, waves and tides. Current conventional energy technologies such as coal, oil and gas, are known as fossil fuels. There are several inefficiencies associated with the usage of fossil fuels. The following methods referred to in this report generate electricity by usage of renewable sources only.

2.1. Renewable sources available in the
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Hence heat energy can be retrieved almost anywhere under the earth (Raven, et al. 2012). Similar to other renewable energy sources, geothermal energy has environmental and economic advantages compared to fossil fuels. Geothermal energy is captured using a geothermal power plant. These power plants are used to generate electricity from geothermal energy sources which are within the earth. The power plants used are as a result of the substantial growth and improvement in geothermal energy technology. The cost effectiveness and reliability of such a source allows for geothermal energy to be a prone after solution to the current energy crisis (Wang,

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