Advantage And Disadvantage Of Robotics

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ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION Yogarani.R 3rd , computer science “B” K.C.S.Kasi Nadar College Of Arts And Science Email ABSTRACT: In this presentation we are going to see about the ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION. These topic tells about how they are classified and what are all the advantages & disadvantages and where are all these used. And it also discussed by their levels. KEYWORDS: Introduction ROBOTICS 1. Advantages and disadvantages of robotics 2. Types of robots 3. Types of robots by locomotion 4. Characteristics of robots 5. Robot languages AUTOMATION 1. Automation on production system 2. Advantages and disadvantages of automation 3. Types of automation 4. Levels of automation Conclusion INTRODUCTION: Humans are weaker than machines. Humans have tired when they have continuous works but machine will not get tired. So machines are used to work instead of humans. In this we are going to discuss about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and types of the ROBOTICS and AUTOMATIONS. ROBOTICS: Robotics is the art, knowledge base, and the know-how of designing, applying, and using robots in human endeavors. Robotic systems consist of not just robots, but also other devices that are used together with the robots to perform the necessary tasks. Robotics is an inter-disciplinary subject that benefits from mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic

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