Advantage And Disadvantage Of Wireless Communication

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1.1 Background In this technological age, nothing is by all accounts unattainable, because of the astounding achievements in various fields of science and engineering. Day by day, the dependability of humans on technology for daily life chores is increasing enormously. For example, the rapidly increasing popularity of internet, which is an electronic data network, acting as a reliable and efficient medium for providing information, as well as, services over wide range of subjects. In this technological era, the evolution of wireless communication is rapid and it is replacing the wired communication due to its various benefits upon wired communication, such as deployment flexibility, mobility, high productivity, cost effectiveness, feasible long distance communication capability, easy service purveying methods, effortless reconfiguration, feasible installation in remote areas where installation of communication medium is a complex task, more effective in difficult situations like disaster management, emergency conditions, etc [1]. Wireless communication mediums include wireless local area network, cellular, cordless phones etc. are play an important role and have become a necessary part of people’s life. Using equipments like laptops, cell phones, tablets people can access needful information wherever and whenever required and also can communicate with each other. All these type of systems requires a fixed infrastructure. They required high

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