Advantage And Disadvantages Of Bluetooth

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What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a foundation of transformative wireless connection of short range of connection in mobile phones, computers and all other electronic devices, use for transferring images, music and all other document via from Bluetooth and its faster and easy to connect because it is a wireless protocol it connects devices from air.
Bluetooth Application.
• Smartphones
• Games
• Computers
• Computer accessories
• Headphones
• Car radio
• Multi media devices
• LAN peripheral

All these are Bluetooth applications and other Bluetooth connections are established through the following techniques;
 Standby
 Avtivation
 Holding
 Inquriring page
 Sniffing
 parking

Advantages of Bluetooth. communion: Bluetooth is easy to access any other device that is in the same communion with Bluetooth regardless be it the different model or design. You
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When the two devices are set together you turn off visibility and keep your device un accessed to new connection. Sometimes when you wish you can set security password or pass cord for your Bluetooth in other to make it hard for strangers to get access of your device.
Battery drain;Bluetooth is an energy efficient technology, it drains the battery of your cell phone when your Bluetooth is enabled it continually scans for signals and look for new device to connect with that is why it is advicable to always check your Bluetooth settings and disable it when found on.
Poor security;virtually all technology have some security built into it to prevent intruders from accessing your documents without your permission, however blietooth security is very weak compared to wifi and other wireless data standards. An attacker can gain access when he or she is is nerby your device can easily get access to your devices.

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