Breastfeeding Advantages And Disadvantages

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Breast feeding:
- Your first step towards your child’s healthy life
Human breasts (female) have the ability to secrete milk after parturition. This milk is truly essential for the health of the child and mother. It is full of proteins and nutrients vital for the development and good health of the children. Feeding neonates or infants through the breasts of mother is called breastfeeding. Nowadays, consequent to diverse reasons, most mothers are not breastfeeding their infants. This can prove death - dealing sometimes, while in most cases, it may lead to various illnesses affecting the health strategy of the child. Hence, it is really crucial to make people aware of the importance of breastfeeding. This article enlightens the advantages of
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Breast milk is a source of all vital nutrients and is easily digestible by the infant’s digestive system. Hence breastfeeding provides the infant with all the nutrients required during their early…show more content…
In mothers who don’t use contraceptives it plays a vital role in child spacing. This method is termed Lactation Amenorrhea Method.

15. Higher the breastfeeding a mother does, better is her good health status.

16. Breastfeeding develops the bonding or affection between a mother and her child.

17. Breastfeeding mothers show low anxiousness, postpartum depression and more confidence levels.

18. Breastfeeding also shows economical benefits as it is free of cost and cheaper than formula feeding (artificial feeding).

19. Breast milk is ever available and is always at right temperature suitable to the infant.

20. As breastfeeding provides better health status to child, hospital expenses during their life are reduced.

21. Breastfeeding also does help to environment. When more people breastfeed their kids, formula feed are less bought. Hence resources such as water, fuel and time are saved. When formula feed manufacture gets low, waste products such as plastics, containers are also less dumped thus helping the environment in different ways.

Myths and their facts:
In most cases, lack of awareness and prevailing myths are the root cause behind mothers abstaining from breastfeeding.
Myth 1: “Lowering of breasts is a result of

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