Advantage And Disadvantages Of ICT

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Today, you can now send a text or an e-mail, just over an internet link. You can also watch videos created by someone, living at the other end of the world. You may also constantly communicate with your friends and family, over a social messaging app. ICT is the means to store, receive, or transmit signals electronically. It is an umbrella term that encompasses every communication device or application. It has made communication and resource sharing, accessible and affordable. Such services bring a number of advantages to the table. New Communication Methods Online communication helps you contact others over great distances. It allows for texting, instant messaging, or document sharing. This enables quicker and more efficient correspondence. In a company, features such as internal database networks are quite useful. They are responsible for increased participation among the employees and speedy decision-making. Such scenarios help in improving organisational communication. Video conferencing lets you facilitate face-to-face direct communication. Text-based computer communication helps individuals with speech or social problems. Social networking websites enable a person to constantly stay connected within his/her social group. Economic Growth New Industries which have benefited by ICT include ones in manufacturing and shipping. ICT has also allowed growth in employment. Programmers, systems analysts, and web designers, are only a few of the new professions that exist today
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