Advantage And Disadvantages Of Modern Technology

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The modern technology make us the life easier; I mean that for example, search information. Before the modern technology exist, in the pass centuries the way to find information is to search in books, and you have to stay hours in a library or in the place where the book are. However, the important thing is to understand if have reliable information. So, to know how thing have better information, but sometimes the person only search for “easy information”. This term means that the person who is looking for information don’t care if the information is not reliable, for example the person when he or she is in google they going to put the first result, like Wikipedia or Yahoo answer, this are pages who any person can change an put new information in the text. The most important thing to analyze is if the modern technology such as the computer can replace the use of the “old school” such as books, magazines, etc. So, we are going to analyze the advantage and disadvantage of both sides of the coin, and going in to the conclusion of the query both to write my opinion of this and try to explain why…show more content…
So, the Internet have a lot of social, economic and all kind of impact. Returning to the subject, if you search information on Internet, you will find a lot of information and any kind and also is more easy to find, However the information that you can find have to be checked by yourself, because the information cannot be reliable; the aspect that have to be checked is the author and the info that is there, the reason of this is that is that in Internet all the people can put information there. Also the Internet is accessible to anyone, so that say that any that think that can know about a topic, can write an entire page with fake information, so that is a problem for anyone who want to search in the Internet, so the solution to find real information is to compare with others
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