Advantage And Disadvantages Of Money

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Money is a fantastic thing in worldwide. It can attractive people to pursue it. That is amazing. In beginning, people is bartered, now they are using money. Money is important to people. No money we cannot buy food and necessary we needed. Without money, we cannot survival. Whether which era also need to use money to survival. Whatever is ancient or now. For example, Song, Qing, Han Dynasty. It also need to use money. Money also have many type. People of ancient use item like stone as money, but not all that as money. They know how to identify the value. Money also its history and its keep evolution from ancient. It from stone to coin, coin to paper, paper to check, check to credit card and so on. Money is commonly accepted by people for exchange something. Every country has its own style of coin and paper money. For example, UK called dollar, Japanese called yen, Malaysia called Ringgit Malaysia and so on. Advantages of money is removal of barter system difficulties. Before people using money to buy the thing we wanted. We used the thing we had to exchange thing we want. That call barter system. Barter system can take effect only both side agree. Barter system have disadvantages, that cannot elevate and measure the value. So sometimes people will fight and argue that is not fair to exchange the thing. For example, they use their clothes to change chicken, the value is not same. It is also cannot transport the item as overweight. For example, people hard
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