Advantage And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Abstract : Nowadays we are facing a lot of problems such as addition to the social media. Through this research we are going to know about the advantages and disadvantages for social media. Introduction : Social media are necessarily changing the way we communicate, concert, consume, and create. They represent one of the most transmuting impacts of information technology on business, both within and outside firm barrier. Literature Review The concept of Social Media is top of the calendar for many business leader today. Decision makers, as well as advisors, try to identify ways in which firms can make rewarding use of applications such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Second Life, and Twitter. Yet against this interest, there seems to be very specific understanding of what the term “Social Media” correctly means; this article intends to provide some description .We begin by describing the concept of Social Media, and explain how it differs from related concepts such as Web 2.0 and User achieve Content. Based on this explanation, we then provide an analysis of Social Media which groups applications currently classify under the discover term into more limited sections by characteristic: shared projects, sites, content communities, social networking sites, basic game worlds, and basic social worlds. Finally, we present 10 examples of advice for companies which decide to handle Social Media. The Advantages of Social media: 1. Staying In Touch As we grow older,
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