Advantage And Disadvantages Of The Civil War

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On Feb 6th , 1861, The Civil War occurred between northern states and southern states because of the slaves. The northern part is the Unite State of America, which is led by the Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President. Moreover, the southern part is the Confederate States of America, which are led by Jefferson Davis. The Confederate States of America is combined by seven states. They are Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. This war is because of the states' right and the slavery. On April 9th , 1865, the last states of the Confederate States of America had surrendered. In addition, the Civil War had completely ended. All slaves were becoming emancipated. However, in May 1865 Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated. In this war, more than ten percent of the Northern white men dead in this war. Plessy versus Ferguson is after the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment and also is the cause of the separate but equal. An African American, which is called Plessy, wanted…show more content…
We all know that every race has a different advantage and disadvantage. Similar as the Chinese are good at math and business, Europeans are good at technology and Africans are good at sports. Nowadays all people know that, but in the past the colonists didn’t think about that. European sails to the African and the people and sources in Africa. They think Africa is a bad race because they have no technology and have no power to protect themselves, so they caught a lot of Africans to be their slaves. Not only Europeans, but also Americans think Africa is the lower-race because a lot of the slaveholder were the lord or the richest man in Europe. Their thoughts were fixated by the European society so their behavior embodied that they scorn Africa. In 1890s, the rich man and some officer are still those people who are scoring African. So they try their best to prevent the 14th Amendment happened which is meant that equality between white and
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