Advantage And Disadvantages Of Watching Television

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1. Do you like watching TV? How much time do you spend watching TV?
I am keen on watching television a lot. I can spend all day sitting in front of the telly and channel surf. It makes me feel that I could discover every landscape all around the world. I can learn languages, cultures, cuisines, social knowledge from movies or news. The TV is always attention-grabbing for me and I love it.
Now, I seldom watch TV because I don’t have the telly to immerse unfortunately. I just can watch the box when I go home with my family. However, I have a laptop, so I can surf internet to watch everything I love each night.
2. When do you usually watching TV?
I often turn on the TV in the evening when I have free time, especially on weekends. Moreover, the
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Be addicted in TV channels makes children lazier and loses their eyesight. However, not all aspects of watching television are bad, it has a lot of advantages. The telly is the best teacher for them to transmit new learning as well as new ideas in our day to day. The educational channels such as science and math as well as English help them widen the vocabularies and skills. Cartoon network broadens the imagination of of their children as they’re part of growing up. It can help enhance their talent such as singing, dancing, painting, writing and designing. Aside from that, children may improve their communication and bonding with their parents. Children can raise questions through their parents about the movie that the children has watching or maybe share an idea of what the children understood from the movie. Family boding may create because each family member can set a topic in the television that results of brainstorming when having a dinner or having a picnic. As the result, parents should control the way and time children enjoy watching the…show more content…
I always watch cartoons and sitcoms in this channel. I can still remember the favorite cartoons like Phineas and Ferb, Mickey mouse and friends, etc., or sitcoms like Hannah Montana and Good luck Charlie, which all went along through my childhood.
9. Do you think television has changed in the past few decades/ since you were a child?
Yes, as techniques have advanced in these years, the TV has also developed a lot. They have become thinner and clearer to be exact. I remembered that old TV screen was made with plasma panel, making the whole TV heavy and big. Then the LCD technology and the LED display come out lately, making the TV thinner and lighter while we can enjoy brighter and clearer programs
10. Has television changed your life in any way?
I believe that watching TV has benefited me in some way, as well as bringing me some detrimental consequences. Watching TV programs had enabled me to broaden my vision to see many places and things that I have no opportunities to experience. However, spending too much time in front of the telly also made me addicted to it and did harm to my eyes unfortunately. So I had to wear glasses since primary
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