Advantage And Importance Of Learner Centered Education

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Physics, as a discipline, is concerned with describing the world by constructed models – the end product of the learning process (Airey, 2006). The best gauge to students` learning from a particular topic is their successful performance of an authentic task related to their daily life.
Learner-centered teaching does not use a single teaching method; rather, it emphasizes a variety of different method types that shift the role of instructors from givers of information to facilitators of student learning or creators of an environment for learning. With all of the ways we have to disseminate information using technology, the teachers should not be the primary source of knowledge for students. In learner-centered teaching, the teacher focuses on what students are learning, how they are learning, and how they can use the learning (Weimer, 2002).
Student engagement through learner-centered approaches leads to desirable student outcomes. The benefits of learner-centered education include increased motivation for learning and greater satisfaction with school; these outcomes lead to greater academic achievement (Slavin, 1990; Johnson, 1991; Maxwell, 1998). Students in learner-centered programs differ from students in more teacher-centered programs in some concrete and specific ways; namely, they know why need to learn content, have a self-awareness of their learning abilities and how acquire knowledge (Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2002), can use knowledge to

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