Advantage Of Air Conditioner

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Introduction Air-conditioner is one of the necessary in our daily lives for regulating temperature. It creates a cool area during the hot summer and a warm area during the winter. However air-conditioner can only install in the indoor, people prefer stay in the indoor and lack of outdoor activities. Therefore, a carrying air-conditioner is proposed. When people have outdoor activities, it can make people feel comfort by making people feel cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. It can help to prevent the heatstroke in hot weather and wear fewer clothes in winter. The paramount less pollution because the carrying air-conditioner consumes less more energy compared the air-conditioner that we usually use. Using this carrying air-conditioner also can help to slow down the problem of global warming and some of the environmental problem.…show more content…
To remedy the situation, the elements of the air-conditioner, compressor, heat pump and refrigerant, have been improved. The air-conditioner becomes smaller and more efficiency. Also it help people being more healthy [2][3], preventing the heatstroke and dehydration. Another advantage is having higher indoor air quality [2][4]. The air-conditioner will filter the air and remove the dust and bacteria. However, it consumes lots of electricity [3]. When the electricity is generated, it will produce lots of green house gases and the pollutants. Therefore, it aggravates the global warming and the air pollution. Another drawback is harm for respiratory health problem [2][3]. As people inhale the cold air, the throat may be allergic and cause the asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Another disadvantage is it can only install in the buildings. It only works in the indoor so when people go the outdoor, air-conditioner become

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