The Importance Of Boost Aerobic Fitness

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Cardio workouts can be quite a challenge and this is an exercise that’s normally not on top of the list on anyone’s preference. However, cardio workout is an important element of a healthy fitness routine. As a matter of fact, many health groups have certainly emphasized on the advantages of a regular cardio workout to obtain an excellent fitness level and a healthy heart. If possible, cardio workout must be done on alternate days at a slow to moderate pace to high intensity exercises. Cardio workout can intensely increase the body’s metabolic rate, which is good for losing weight. There have recently been new methods to help this practice to be very much fun and easier. The main purpose is to look for the fastest and best way to help with…show more content…
Doing strength workouts with three days of HIIT every week can be exhausting. Adding a low to moderate intensity training will help boost the recovery and improve blood flow to worn out muscle tissues. 2. Boost Aerobic Fitness – LISS increases the cardiovascular endurance and develop aerobic fitness level. The advantages of LISS are practical for real life. If a person is into adventure hobbies such as rowing, cycling, or hiking, cardiovascular endurance is important. 3. Maintain Muscle Mass – HIIT training is generally better for maintaining lean muscle. It basically gives a stressor on the muscles which is somewhat the same as weightlifting. But doing a lot of strength and HIIT training with a low-calorie diet can be a risk for muscle mass loss. LISS is not as exhausting as HIIT so dieting is easier without over-stressing the body. Which is Better in Losing Weight – HIIT or LISS Cardio? Some people are still confused on which type of cardio workout to do and which one helps more in shedding pounds. It simply depends on the amount of time the person has for training. Certainly, HIIT burns more calories than LISS but with HIIT, carbs are used more to energize the training because of its high intensity. LISS is time-consuming and burns fewer calories than HIIT but because it is not so intense, it uses fat more as energy. On lifting days, LISS can be done and then HIIT on off days. It is actually up to the person on which suits best their everyday

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