Benefits Of Celebrity Endorsements

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Celebrity endorsement is a form of brand or advertising that involves a famous person who uses their fame to help promote goods or service. These famous people can be from any field like arts, sports, etc. Perfumes and clothing are some of the most common products who avail celebrity endorsement techniques which include television ads, launch event appearances, product line etc. Most organizations use celebrities in their marketing communication hoping that it will increase sales and will have a positive effect on profits.
Celebrities are a popular choice for brand endorsements as they are widely recognized and appreciated among a larger section of population for factors such as their attractiveness, likeability and trustworthiness
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Benefits of using celebrity endorsements:
Celebrities help to revive a brand and to keep it fresh and memorable in consumers mind. They often work best because they naturally generate lots of attention and are known nationally. Some of the benefits by brand endorsements are listed below:
• Attract potential customers: Finding and keeping new customers is hard for some organizations. Using a celebrity to endorse an organization 's product or service can entice new customers and also helps to retain them.
• Revive a brand: Celebrity endorsements can help recover a good or service that is losing market share and consumer mindshare. Celebrities can advertise the benefits of the brand and help create new interest among the consumers.
• Stand Out: Celebrities help advertising stand out from the surrounding clutter as people like watching Ranbir Kapoor or Deepika Padukone more than local dentists and
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Product positioning is a process of communicating benefits to consumers in a way that it is differentiated from the competitors and stand out better than them. It tells that the product is best on the market and all other products are inferior.
Successful Brand endorsements example
• Michael Jordan endorses Hanes: The famous basketball star has endorsed Hanes brand clothing for over a decade now. The admiration of the athlete gives an air of respectability and quality to the brand. Many people aspire to be like Jordan and thus connects well with the brand.
• Britney Spears endorses Pepsi: The pop star was the celebrity face of a famous ad campaign in the late 90s. The singer 's worldwide fame and popularity helped to connect Pepsi with a new group of young soda drinkers.
The risk of using celebrity endorsements:
There is a downside to celebrity endorsement as well. Some of the risks are listed below which companies should consider before investing in this
• Image change: Celebrities make mistakes in their life. And sometimes these mistakes can affect the brands they endorse. Unfortunately, the mistakes of celebrity endorsers are played out in front of the public and brand can suffer severe
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