Advantage Of College Education

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Many people often question what advantages college education brings for students. Are all subjects beneficial for favorable start-ups? Is learned knowledge essential after graduation? In fact, I think that college education has its own certain position in today’s world in which knowledge is becoming more and more important in every aspects of life. Most people have a penchant for continuing their learning paths at universities rather than seeking for a job with only a high school diploma. In my view, a college education lays the path for a better quality of my life.
A university is society in miniature. It was not until that I graduated from high school I had officially completed this long-term course that I was sheltered in my parents’ and teachers’ arms. After graduation, each student chooses distinctive path to go along. I did not know exactly what life really is and in my imagine university appears to be a heaven. I desire to pursue my dreams and I crave to make it comes true at university which becomes my solid foundation to reach my highest aspirations. When I was 18, I did not authentically understand about the furious competitiveness and difficulties of life. Indeed, everything is not always as beautiful as on
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During this phase, I can self-direct my way of life, contemplate and feel the world. When I am at university, I learn how to take responsibility for all things I do. When I am far from my family, I learn how to defend myself and sustain my life. One of the most challenging lessons, but still essential is that I can learn is how to be independent, in other words, an independent lifestyle. Going to university helps me understand the affection of my parents who always spend the best things for me. A few years after I am away from home, I comprehend the sorrow, miss and affection when I fall down or it rains heavily. Again, the more I learn at university, the more mature I

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