Effective Communication Skills Essay

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Communicate assertively is more than just the exchange of information it is beyond the understanding of this information from the feelings and emotions. Through effective communication can improve relations by deepening your links with others and improve teamwork, and decision-making, and problem solving. Effective communication skills are key (clarity and transparency and tact and good selection wordy) but in ways which respect the right of others. assertiveness is useful in stating your own views, disagreeing with others views, making a request, refusing request but on the nice ways, offering criticism, responding to criticism also giving praise and responding to praise It should also make the staff in constant contact with their department,…show more content…
So Mentoring is a program which is transferring skills and knowledge from a person more experienced to a less experienced person. A mentoring should provide at least some of the following like sponsorship - open door, coaching - teaching the ropes, protection -providing support, exposure- creating opportunities, challenging work, role modeling, counseling, friendship. Sometimes all of these functions can be provided by one person.
6 out of 10 employees know about the mentor program through media and the rest from other sources. Most of the employees gain different information through this program like personal development, increased confidence and new skills. It is very important to keep a good relationship with your mentor which can give you a chance to learn better and sharing experiences with your mentor. All of the employees agree that the mentoring program meet there needs and expectations. Which mean that the mentoring is a useful program to each sector to achieve excellent service, increase staff satisfaction. The employees give some suggestions to improve the mentoring program like improving the patience of mentor ,develop mutual trust and respect, the mentor should providing support for mentees and guide them without any criticism and solving problems
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