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Halal is the Arabic word that define as the permissible and lawful things which under the terms of Sharia, the Islamic law and all items or services that is to be consumed by Muslims has to comply with its precepts. Nowadays, the global of Muslim population is the second largest and the faster growing religion in the world, and therefore they brings the opportunity to grow up the business of Halal food industry driven by their increasing demand on halal food. (Mordor Intelligence, 2016) In addition, the rising demand on halal foods also seen from the non-Muslims in globalization which they trusted the food safety issues are remain a major concern especially in China. Therefore, the countries with multiracial such as Malaysia, the government is keen to establish the country as an international halal food hub.(Hong Kong Trade Development Council, 2017)

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1.1. Animals on land
The land animals that allowed to be used for halal food must be considered lawful for their flesh and hunted or slaughtered according to Islamic law, Sharee’ah. The lawful animals on land are respectively into four categories which are domesticated and wild and again
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All Halal foods has a very low rate of incidence of food poisoning which all substances provided are through the clean processing and packaging procedures. The Halal foods sold in major supermarkets and fast food chains are often contains e-coli poisoning and other life threatening poisons, bacteria and bad substances such as chemical additives, pesticides and hormones whether for animals or plantation. In addition, the method to preparing the flesh of the animal for food are also followed the halal slaughtering and prohibited to use stunning on animal for halal slaughter unless the animals are under mughallazah najs category because to prevent animal secretion for lactic acid which is harmful for health. (Y. Maffei,

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