Advantage Of Islam Essay

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The first advantages of Islamic Ethical system is it provide a clear view and fully guided. In Islamic ethical system, there is a clear view and fully guiding the human in dealing with our daily life. As we know, all aspect of our life has been written in the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. So here shows that the Islam as religion that fully guided their Ummah. The sources are pure and never been change throughout the century. As we can see, in Islam it state all aspect of relation between human and God, Human and Human and Human and other well-being. In contrast, Bible also guide human but the sources keep change follow the sequence and latest version. This shows it not fully guided because the rule keep changing and not adequate. In Islam, there…show more content…
Belief is the strongest and most solid protection in which man never opposes distress and suffering in the ups and downs of life. When people face difficulties, they know who are supposed refer and complaint. Pray is one of the alternatives that Muslim people will use it to communicate with God. In Islam, we are encourage to pray, give alms and respect others people which is include in al-Quran and Sunnah as guideline for Muslim to become humble person in the world. Even though people cannot see the existence of God but they can feel it and know God is always there is beside them. It is the powerful of God that other people cannot deny it. The main reason, people feel connected to God in all circumstances, means that they possess a confident, strong, and peaceful heart. It inspires a believer to have continuous awareness of God which is a key to lasting happiness in life. For example, institute of Islamic banking and insurance use Islam ways as a guideline for purpose handling the issues relating its daily business activities. Islam serves a complete concept that available for people to use it. So, Islam is the source of peace to make believer feel peace and calm during facing hardships time because believer belief patience is one of formula to become a happy
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