Advantage Of Luxury Product

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. Definition : The word luxury is originated from the Latin word ‘’ Luxus ‘’ which means pleasure of the sense regardless of the high cost of owning the item. (Mootee, 2004) . Likewise luxuries product are selective and unique in feature and moderately having higher price compared to mass communication goods. In any case scholars (Shukla & Purani 2011) observe that the word luxury brings no clear understanding because to the level of involvement and value recognition from others. As referred to Ling (2009) Luxuries product are characterized by very good quality , high price , stylish design ,heritage , elites, reputation ,unavailability and clear impression of the identity , and According to (Danziger ,2005 ) noted luxuries are the additional items in our life that make it all the more satisfying ,all the more agreeable and more enjoyable and charming . Luxury product ,reflect a wide idea that have three fundamental characteristics ( Weidman at al 2009) and it is agreed by the most academic studies : very high quality ,costly and not very essential for ordinary living , and the consumption of such items includes purchasing a brand that represents a value to both the individual and to the significant others. As it were buy and display luxuries product covey esteem to the owner and social recognition (Vigneron and Johnson 2004). Watching the development of luxuries brand purchase in the most recent couple of decades, scholars
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