Advantage Of Online Classes

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Students have the chance to attend to school through online classes that are provided by a lot of colleges in the world. With online classes students can have more comfortable learning environment. Students will not have to fight traffic, find parking spaces, leave home or work early to go to class, or miss the beginning of the class by being late. Many students can also save the amount they spend on fuel. There are students with kids, with online classes they can attend the class while taking care of the kids at home. Tertiary education institutions that do offer online classes are better than those that do not because online education gives students the advantages of comfortable learning environment, convenience and flexibility. Online classes…show more content…
Students can take any class any time during the day or week. This flexibility in taking online class helps parents with their daily lives. It is difficult to take care of kids while having classes on campus. This is very helpful for students who have part time job. The flexibility of the online classes makes it possible for a student with a job, while attending college classes in campus might be difficult due to their work schedules. ‘Online classes hold the biggest appeal for those who are going back to school after years away. They are typically older and have work or family responsibilities that keep them busy. Flexibility is a huge requirement for them’ (“Flexibility and Convenience: Benefits of online…show more content…
Many people believe that taking online classes have disadvantage like the lack of supervision. Some students may not get motivated to finish what they started. Because of the comfortable environment the students may get lazy and do not continue the online course or don’t try hard at all. There may be deadlines for assignments or tests but there is no one there to remind them to do the assignments or take the tests. People disagree with online classes because students do not get to face the professor and the classmates in real life and do not get to build real relationships with them. Another disadvantage of online classes is when a student who does not have computer or Internet skills may experience difficulty with the course especially with older students. People feel that Flexibility in online classes has disadvantages. Flexibility in online classes requires time management and organization skills to stay balance between work and studying. People may think that it is important to have priorities in student’s life. Despite the fact that critics possess many valid arguments, as illustrated in this essay it may still be shown that proponents of schools with online education have a strong case for their

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