Herbal Toothpaste Research Paper

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Herbal toothpaste benefits

Can you name some of the ingredients in your toothpaste? Do you know what you put in your mouth twice a day? Conventional toothpastes are often difficult to pronounce ingredients, propylene glycol and titanium dioxide. Propylene glycol is an ingredient found in aircraft de-icing equipment, fluid and titanium dioxide can be found in any color. These are chemicals which are far from natural. Save yourself from trying to decipher your toothpaste and switch to a tube of organic, all-natural toothpaste.

Ecological toothpaste, also known as herbal toothpaste, made up of completely natural ingredients. Unlike conventional toothpaste appears most brands of toothpaste organic ingredients on their packaging or
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FD & C Blue # 1 is an artificial blue dye that can be toxic in moderate doses. Sodium Saccharin is a sweetener that could be a potential carcinogen. SLS and fluoride found in some organic toothpaste but most brands offer you the choice of fluoride - and SLS-free. SLS is used to achieve a foamy effect, are considered safe by the American Cancer Society but are still linked to skin irritation. Fluoride is proven to prevent tooth decay, but can be toxic if swallowed. Most brands of organic toothpaste do not contain triclosan, a potentially cancer-causing pesticides used as an antibacterial…show more content…
The different herbs in homemade toothpaste or even commercial toothpaste marketed as natural, contains different properties for oral hygiene. Knowing about different herbs in homemade toothpaste gives you the opportunity to research various natural brands and make your own at home.

Bloodroot is a perennial flowering herb that belongs to the family poppy. It is popular in natural toothpaste formulas because of its reported benefits. Such benefits include its ability to aide in removing and preventing plaque buildup on teeth. This may be partly due to red-orange juice of the plant that is slightly acidic. It also aides in oral health and are available in commercial toothpastes for the treatment of gingivitis. Bloodroot essential oil or extract can be used in homemade toothpaste recipes.

Licorice root
Licorice root acts as a natural sweetener in homemade toothpaste and other herbal concoctions, but it has an interesting flavor. In herbal licorice root is used to reduce smoking cravings when trying to quit and it has some astringent properties, making it useful in tightening the gums. It can be purchased whole or in powder extract form as most herbs for your mixture

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